Dear members,

Y Fitness Membership Fee Increase

The YMCA of Bundaberg is a not-for-profit organisation that has been committed to helping our members at Bundaberg/Bargara to lead a healthy lifestyle for over 30 years. We see our fitness centres as more than fitness, they are about connecting and belonging. That is why our services focus on people of all ages and abilities to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

2022 has been challenging due to our ongoing monitoring of COVID-19 and its effect on our operation. We are very grateful to all our members for their support to continue to follow our stringent health and safety practices regarding cleaning of equipment, bathrooms, and change rooms. We are pleased to announce that both fitness centres will be receiving 5 new treadmills each to replace older treadmills.

Unfortunately, the cost of operating both our Fitness Centres continues to increase. The YMCA has explored all ways to hold off raising prices, but now must pass on these costs by raising the cost of our membership.

In raising our fees, the minimum increase will be 75 cents per week for our standard membership and will take effect for our direct debit members from 6th October 2022. Our total term members will not be affected until their current membership expires after 1st October 2022. At this point the applicable annual membership fee will apply.

We are committed to keeping the 24/7 weights and cardio offering but will now monitor the attendance of group classes. During 2022 both Fitness centres will continue to monitor their class offerings. Classes with small attendances can no longer be offered as the cost of staffing, cleaning is not sustainable.

Thank you for your support with this matter.

Kind regards

Roxy Eichmann

Manager YMCA Bundaberg Fitness