Try to arrive 10mins before your scheduled booking time.

You will see red “Y’s” on the cement, these are our 1.5m social distancing markers, please wait on these markers.

Staff will come out & hand you a clipboard/pen & a Covid Checklist. This is required to be filled out/signed at the start of every visit to the gym.

Once you have finished enter the gym, hand clipboard to staff, immediately use the hand sanitizer then grab yourself your own disinfectant bottle & cloth.

Please have a clear idea of what your workout is going to be as your workout is only 50mins long.
No Abs or Stretching please do at home.
No use of The Cage it is an EXIT only area at this stage.

During your workout you are required to use your towel at all times on all equipment that you use. Please bring a large towel that covers the entire surface.
You are also required to spray every bit of equipment that you have used/touched/breathed or sweated on (handles, cardio monitors etc).

Staff will let you know at the 45min mark that you need to finish & pack up.

Please then put your cloth/spray bottle in the bins provided at the front counter.

You must ONLY EXIT via The Cage, as you leave use the hand sanitizer & if you will be booking to use the gym regularly please take some spare Covid Checklist forms to pre fill out before your next visit.