There will be many new COVID regulations to follow as the gym opens.

To start with here are four of the main ones that are required to be followed with ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS..

#1 – STAY HOME – If you have ANY of these symptoms you will be refused entry, even if you know you just have hayfever, DO NOT come into the gym sneezing and or coughing.

#2 – NO TOWEL, NO WORKOUT – Under absolutely NO circumstances will you be allowed entry without your OWN towel. Both gyms NO LONGER hand out towels to members who have forgotten. It will not matter if you have been a member for 10yrs or if you have travelled from Burnett Heads for a workout, you WILL be refused entry without your towel.
Keep one in your gym bag & a back up in your car.

#3 BRING YOUR OWN water bottle or money for the vending machine. Water bubblers CAN NOT be used under Covid regulations.

#4 NO SHOWERS available to be used at this stage, shower at home.